Sales Manager/TO - Frontline in Stoneridge Preview Center at Hyatt Residence Club

Date Posted: 5/12/2022

Job Snapshot

Job Description


Oversees the operation of the sales gallery, which includes scheduling Sales Executives in order to meet customer flow, reviewing
weekly reports and disseminating this information to the sales team, and being available to assist sales executives with closing sales.
Generates new business and attracts potential owners by reviewing the current book of business and coordinating with the marketing
department. Responds to the needs of the sales force by providing necessary resources, providing coaching and training on sales
techniques, offering incentives, resolving conflicts, and managing team performance. Oversees the guest experience and proactively
responds to customer concerns.


Education and Experience

  • High school diploma or GED; minimum 2 years experience in a similar position

Required Qualifications

  • Proficiency in English (additional language required for certain positions)
  • Incumbent is required to maintain an active and in-good standing professional Real Estate License where mandated by law

Successful Candidates Will Be Willing To:

  • Begin work early in the morning (e.g., 7:15am)
  • Work at night (occasionally)
  • Must be willing to work weekends and holidays as required by business needs
  • Be reachable during off-hours


Building Customer Base

  • Works with marketing and management team to develop strategies for increasing qualified traffic for sales presentations.
  • Supports development of self-generated business by working existing customer base and local community.
  • Evaluates and analyzes the book of business for site/sales team to generate more sales, referrals, track escrows, etc.
  • Creates and monitors process to assign Sales Executives to prospective owners.

Managing the Sales Experience

  • Closes sales as appropriate; be the second face for the customer.
  • Manages the sales floor to ensure guest tour flow is efficient and conducive to sales presentation discussions and purchase deliberations
  • Provides information to, and answer questions from, guests regarding specific topics related to vacation ownership, seasonal travel and financing options.
  • Reviews and approves documentation for a sale.
  • Closes deals with the signing of paperwork and notarizing contracts.
  • Handles any overflow from tour waves.
  • Supports the presentation and ratification of contracts to new owners.
  • Greets guests and makes initial introductions to front desk and/or Sales Executives.
  • Makes sure all necessary materials are provided for sales executives so they can effectively perform their daily activities (e.g., brochures, vacation planners, and computers).

General Business Management

  • Encourages and supports the establishment of a positive work environment that recognizes both individual and team accomplishments, and provides a safe haven for open and honest communication.
  • Manages the Guest Experience and the integrity of the brand name by making sure that all associates represent the company in an ethical, moral and professional manner at all times.
  • Conducts and/or participates in regular sales management meetings to review both the week and period performance and make action plans to ensure peak performance.
  • Mediates, counsels, and resolves in a timely manner any issues with or between subordinates and with colleagues.
  • Schedules Sales Team to ensure adequate coverage of sales tours based on anticipated guest flow.
  • Conducts and/or contributes to material for Daily Huddles/Line Ups.
  • Monitors weekly and period-to-date reports (e.g., volume-per-guest [VPG], Net Sales, Customer Satisfaction, Sales Executives hot lead reports, channel reports, and Profit and Loss reports [P&Ls]), and provide effective motivational messages to sales team based on performance.
  • Manages the Daily Sales Tour Rotation to ensure that it is accurate.
  • Supervises the daily operational aspects of the Sales Gallery Floor/Sales Center.
  • Determines when issue escalation is required.
  • Monitors the availability of product inventory and make sure Sales Executives have an accurate understanding of what can be sold from the portfolio as well as how it should be sold (e.g., to include financing).
  • Develops, maintains and enhances the 'Culture of Excellence' in all facets of the Sales Gallery/Center operation.
  • Interviews new candidates for Sales Executive positions.
  • Providing Services to Others
  • Responds to customer questions, complaints, and/or concerns.
  • Communicates with customers when escalated issues arise.
  • Responds to cancellations with call back to customer.
  • Coordinates with Quality Assurance and Contracts to relay important information or issues down to the sales line.
  • Develops plans to proactively deal with and mitigate common customer problems/complaints.

Managing and Coaching the Sales Force

  • Provides real-time coaching and consultation regarding approach to closing sales (e.g., provision of a specific business case, offering an Encore opportunity).
  • Maintains a presence on the sales floor during selling sessions to serve as a resource for Sales Executive on an as needed basis.
  • Builds team camaraderie and Sales Executive confidence to achieve sales goals.
  • Conducts Performance Reviews with Sales Executives to review sales goals, progress against goals, and actions required to achieve personal and organizational goals.
  • Manages the on-boarding of new Sales Executives and ensure proficiency in the sales process before a Sales Executive is put on the rotation.
  • Provides a clear understanding of what is expected of the Sales Executives.
  • Conducts one on one coaching meetings with individual Sales Executives to develop proficiency in sales approach, execution of process (i.e., discovery, intent, close), ability to close, cope with and respond to rejection, etc.
  • Delivers training to sales workforce.
  • Addresses issues related to employee concerns (e.g., work-place conflict, performance issues).
  • Prepares Sales Executives with multiple strategies for overcoming a broad range of sales objections.
  • Develops, conducts and supervises regular group training for Sales Executives to refresh on specific aspects of the sales presentation process as well as to develop Sales Executives in other personal/professional areas.
  • Facilitates regular training and feedback sessions with new hires.
  • Supervises and monitor sales presentations to ensure effective conformity with standards in terms of content and collateral.
  • Accompanies Sales Executives on rides as a means of identifying areas to provide feedback on performance.
  • Diagnoses issues with under-performing Sales Executives.
  • Plans, implements, and monitors incentive programs (e.g., Special Performance Incentive Funds [SPIFs]) to motivate/drive Sales
  • Executive performance.
  • Supports the hiring process by participating in recruiting activities.
  • Interprets and coaches Sales Executives based on results of feedback received through formal (e.g., surveys) and informal (e.g., customer conversations) channels.
  • Monitors and provides coaching on Sales Executive customer communication skills (e.g., phone behavior and emailing).


  • Understands and abides by state and federal regulation around all sales and/or marketing activity (i.e. Do Not Call Lists, State registrations, Exemptions, etc).
  • Performs other duties as assigned.



  • Adaptability - Maintaining performance level under pressure or when experiencing changes or challenges in the workplace.
  • Communication - Conveying information and ideas to others in a convincing and engaging manner through a variety of methods.
  • Professional Demeanor - Exhibiting behavioral styles that convey confidence and command respect from others; making a good first impression and representing the organization in alignment with its values.
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making - Identifying and understanding issues, problems, and opportunities; obtaining and comparing information from different sources to draw conclusions, develop and evaluate alternatives and solutions, solve problems, and choose a course of action.

Building and Contributing to Teams

  • Driving for Results - Planning and supporting the development of individuals' skills and abilities so that they can fulfill current or future job/role responsibilities more effectively.
  • Planning and Organizing - Gathering information and resources required to set a plan of action for self and/or others; prioritizing and arranging work requirements to accomplish goals and ensure work is completed.
  • Building Relationships
  • Coworker Relationships - Interacting with others in a way that builds openness, trust, and confidence in the pursuit of organizational goals and lasting relationships.
  • Customer Relationships - Developing and sustaining relationships based on an understanding of customer needs and actions.
  • Fostering Inclusion - Supporting associates with diverse styles, abilities, motivations, and/or cultural perspectives; leveraging personal differences to achieve objectives; and promoting a work environment where all associates are given the opportunity to contribute to their full potential.

Generating Organizational Talent and Capability

  • Organizational Capability - Understanding and leveraging associate talent and capabilities to meet work needs; supporting the attraction, selection, and/or retention of associates in order to achieve department and business objectives.
  • Diagnoses capability needs; recruits and evaluates potential employees; emphasizes retention; champions talent management.
  • Talent Management - Providing guidance and feedback to help individuals develop and strengthen skills and abilities needed to accomplish work objectives.

Learning and Applying Personal Expertise

  • Applied Learning - Seeking out and making the most of learning opportunities to improve performance of self and/or others.
  • Actively seeks and participates in learning activities; gains knowledge, understanding, and skill; applies knowledge or skill; welcomes performance feedback.
  • Business Acumen - Understanding and utilizing business information (e.g., Associate, Guest/Customer Satisfaction, Financial Performance) to manage everyday operations and generate innovative solutions to approach business and administrative challenges.
  • Basic Competencies
  • Job Specific Computer Skills - Using computer hardware and software specific to job (e.g., MARSHA, PMS, SFA, NGS, Delphi, Point of Sale, HR technology).
  • Reading Comprehension - Understanding written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents.
  • Writing - Communicating effectively in writing as appropriate for the needs of the audience.
  • Functional Job Family Competencies
  • Sales Coaching - Providing timely coaching, guidance, and feedback to help others excel on the job and meet key accountabilities.
  • Sales and Marketing - Knowledge of sales and marketing concepts including principles and methods for showing, promoting and selling products or services as well as marketing strategies and tactics.
  • Sales and Marketing and Operations - Ability to understand the business needs and basic concepts of Sales and Marketing and
  • Resort Operations in order to build a positive and collaborative working relationship.

Hyatt Residence Club is an equal opportunity employer committed to employing a diverse workforce and sustaining an inclusive culture.